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Silicone Seal

Silicone Seal

Among all the rubber seals, silicone seal is simply the best. Silicone seal has superior property of aging resistance when exposed to the weather than other rubber products. It can work very well in sealing while keeping performance unchanged even through thirty years in outdoor environment. In addition, silicone seal is diversified and stable in color. It do not fade in sunshine for 48 hours.

Two red and two transparent silicone seals are on the table.

Silicone seals of different colors.

Several silicone seals and the fittings are on the table.

Silicone seals with fittings.

Two transparent silicone seals of different sizes.

Silicone seals of different sizes.


  1. Nice and smooth surface.
  2. Firm and flat joint, can bear tension.
  3. Tight sealing and water-proof
  4. Sanitary and environment protecting
  5. Anti-aging, keep shape through long time use.


It can be used in wide range of fields for its flexibility, durability, excellent sealing ability and varieties of shape, such as for cars, doors, ovens, electronic and electrical appliances etc.

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