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Braided silicone tubing

Braided and reinforced silicone tubing

This kind of silicone tubing is usually used in special environment with its high strength and pressure resistance. Compared with common reinforced tubing, our braided silicone tubing is much more durable for its outer braided layer. With professional teammates and updated production equipment, We are committed to customer satisfaction of silicone rubber products we produce. Welcome to contact us.

There are three braided hoses, all are white.

Braided hoses wit different sizes.

There are several braided hoses and the braided outer is blue.

Braided hoses with blue outer.


  1. Sanitary and environment protecting.
  2. Heat resisting, compression resisting.
  3. Good cracking resistance.
  4. Durable in use, high pressure resisting,antioxidant.


Widely applied in laboratory, ultra pure liquid transmission, cell culture, peristaltic pump, food transmission, dairy products, cosmetics, veterinary drug etc..

Note: the length, color and diameter of braided silicone tubing can be customized. And we can manufacture the products according to customers' requirements.

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